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Although HEIRS has extensive family histories of our early settlers and activities, time marches on and history continues to unfold. Accounts of oral histories may be forgotten and their significance lost. As part of a growing community, we all play a part in history and leaving records for our successors is an excellent way to honour our families and community.  HEIRS would like to enlist the aid of those with memories to share. Please take some time to fill out our Family Record Form so that we can record these histories. Forms can be completed on-line or printed out and mailed/handed in to HEIRS. There is an option to attach scanned images as well. Photos can also be brought to HEIRS for scanning and will be returned as requested.


1. Gather all information available.    2. Transfer to this form.    3. Record all dates thus: Day/Month/Year

4. Attach extra sheets to record additional information related to the family.


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To fill out and submit the form manually to the Resource Centre - click to download.

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